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Daniël Slaman mp3


Romance-Slaman ES 150 model.mp3
with double bass, 7 MB file, 6 minutes track


The guitar is a Slaman ES-150 with Lollar / Charlie Christian pickup, 250 kOhm pots, full volume and full treble setting, GHS 012 halfround set of strings, wound G string.
The amp is an Ampeg Superjet re-issue, open back, all valve of course.

The guitarist is Axel Hagen with Eric Albjerg from Denmark on double bass (not amplified) on some tracks. Recorded in the building where Daniel has his workshop, using two AKG C4000B microphones into a DigiDesign M-Box, Pro-tools, Apple Lap-top computer. No limiters or other effects than the natural reverb are used.