ADAM; Association of Dutch Archtop Makers  

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Welcome to the website of ADAM; the Association of Dutch Archtop Makers.

from left to right: Wout Bosma, Daniël Slaman, Richard Heeres, Frans Elferink
picture taken in Noordwijk aan Zee, The Netherlands, August 21, 2004


After repeatedly seeing each other at exhibitions and admiring one another's work, the well established guitar makers Wout Bosma, Frans Elferink, Richard Heeres and Daniël Slaman decided to join forces in 2004.

Although individuals by nature they had a need for exchange of ideas and research, if only to avoid reinventing the wheel. For this purpose theyestablished ADAM: the Association of Dutch Archtop Makers.

This cooperation has resulted in several innovations in archtop design as well as the development of old style guitar parts. As a bonus to the public, friendly competition encourages the ADAM members to improve their already considerable abilities.

Whether one admires the traditional look of Daniels instruments, the D'Aquisto inspired contemporary models of Richard and Frans or Wout's charactaristic models, their makers' common quality is obvious: the love for beautifully crafted instruments.

Each maker features a bio, model page and an MP3 file to download.

Click the Meet the Makers link on top of the page (or here) to see where the ADAM makers will be on future shows.

The links go the individual sites of each maker and will open a new window.



from left to right: Richard Heeres, Daniël Slaman, Frans Elferink, Wout Bosma
picture taken in Noordwijk aan Zee, The Netherlands, August 21, 2004