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Wout Bosma bio

Wout Bosma (1961) played guitar in several international bands and dance orchestras.
Still, his ambition was to master a craft.
For a while he built traditional sailing-yachts and during that period he started to make his first guitars. He found his craft. A three-year course in making musical instruments at Antwerp, under the supervision of Geert Vermeiren, was his first step on his way to become an individual maker.

After this course he was employed at the musical instruments department of the municipal museum in The Hague.
During this period he was offered a scholarship at the prestigious West Dean College in England, where an international group of students specializes in several crafts, including the construction of historical stringed and plucked instruments.

Under the supervision of two masters he worked for three years as an apprentice and concluded his studies by obtaining his certificate.

Since '92 he has worked with his wife Lucienne van der Lans in their workshop in Dordrecht.
Following his apprenticeship in England he built a whole range of historical and modern stringed and plucked instruments, but in 1998 he decided to return to his old love, the guitar, and more especially the 'arch-top' (jazz) guitar.